Wellbeing App

Our wellbeing app service provides each employee with their own personalised app that gives them their own exercise programmes, information videos, motivation and support.

It’s the perfect tool to ensure that each person in your business is kept motivated to keep improving their health and wellbeing.

We want each employee to make positive sustainable, long term lifestyle changes.

Our app allows us to use our client activity tracker to assess client progress. We can send clients reminders and praise clients who are logging data. It’s getting the benefits of personal training without the hefty costs.

Alongside this we provide regular achievable challenges, have monthly prize draws and community networks to help create team cohesion and adherence to wellbeing changes.

On initial sign up employees receive a selection of PDFs to help get them started including:

How to use guide

Recipe Guides

Guide to Fat Loss & Health

Once signed up to the app each employee receives:

Weekly recipes

Weekly workouts for home/office

Weekly blog content (Including videos based around training, nutrition and stress/anxiety)

Weekly motivational messages

Monthly training programmes (including home, office and gym)

Monthly check ins and assessment.